The importance of Agile Education System and Formative experience

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I went through some tough phases in life and had also completely given up at one point in time. But I consider myself to be fortunate in many ways that I was able to see the world around me through a different perspective and got to realize that there are people living with far more difficulties and are in much tougher situations than I was in. Some of them are uneducated, poor, crippled, having disabilities but they still want to live and always have hope, they do not give up.. even though they might curse their situation, blame others, but they still are able to somehow sustain and live. However, I with none of those issues had given up and was even thought of ending my own life.

It took me quite some time to come out of my own miserable self and believe that yes I can also come out of my pain, my sorrows. There is so much more to do than to think about myself. I can with my abilities, my knowledge and my skills should be able to at least help a few people.. Help them perhaps to learn how to live life, how to make themselves better, how to earn, how to learn & most importantly how to succeed..!! When I could come out of the most difficult and demanding situation I faced… Anybody can… It is all about self-belief, character, resolves, and motivation.

The reason I felt that I would be able to guide & motivate people is that I have seen both successes as well as failure. I have been able to introspect myself and I know why exactly I failed. I have been able to accept the reasons for which I failed, and most importantly have been able to acknowledge the fact that ‘Yes I failed’.

We read a lot about success stories all the time and get inspired, I further recommend that we should also hear from people who have failed. This gives us knowledge about both Successes as well as Failure.

In the past few years… I have met several people and interacted with them, heard their stories, learned about their experiences and I realized many crucial elements of life… Which makes me think why not many are able to realize their dreams, why not many are able to achieve their goals, why do we fail…?

I have thought long, hard and deep about this and could only come up with two important concerns, which is one our education and two our formative experience through our early childhood, preadolescence and adolescence years of our development. Education and formative experience go hand in hand. Education provides us the knowledge, formative experience develops our know-hows. We react or make choices in situations based on our familiarity that we might have either experienced or from our know-how. If a person is in a situation, it is mostly based on the choice he/she makes and the reason we make those choices is based on know-how or familiarity. I personally feel that education and formative experience are the two important foundations on which our life is built upon.

Today we are all educated in more or less the same way, each one of us has different needs when it comes to education, each one of us is unique in our own way and one straight jacket formula doesn’t fit all. There are different kinds of Human Intelligence that each one of us possesses and our education system does not address this situation. It is my belief that education should be to enable a student with an ability to make his own living, education system should be able to understand where a student’s interest lies what is their true potential, abilities, capabilities and enable them to chase their dreams which aligns with their true nature. Today the education system is totally driven by how we fair in our exams, the focus is primarily on grades. Students of the same class are divided into sections based on their scoring abilities and focus is on how many ranks / first class is the school able to get. What happens to the weaker students..? what is that our education system doing about this..?

Students get demotivated, develop averse towards studies and are side-lined.. Side-lined in the education system, side-lined in society and potentially side-lined everywhere…!! How can we make this assumption that a particular student is bright and a particular student is dumb? A student might not be able to understand the academics, but might have a different kind of intelligence…!! But our education system is not equipped to address this situation.

Humans are designed to learn by observing and interacting which is the core essence of formative experience, but today in our society we see our youth, as well as adults, are always glued & immersed in their smart devices without observing and interacting with the world around us which effectively nullifies their formative experience. We live in the world of illusions and delusion where we tend to ignore learning from experiences which is the most important facet of our formative experience.

We are in desperate need of an agile education system and understand the importance of having a good formative experience that would enable us to make the right decisions and choices. We are also in need of an ecosystem that recognizes & rewards original thinking, a learning environment that encourages people with different kinds of human intelligence which can enable them to choose their own path of learning.

“Education is what people do to you, and Learning is what you do to yourself”

– Joichi Ito

Further, today we live in a world that is dynamic, fast & ever-changing.. we are surrounded by technology that has made rapid inroads into our life. It is my personal belief that humans should use technology just to enable themselves. Everything is becoming smart and we humans are going downwards when it comes to using our mind. Remember those good old days when we did not have mobile phones, we would remember at least 15–20 telephone numbers by heart and today we are hardly able to remember our own number. We used to remember landmarks and locations off our head while giving directions to someone until google maps took over. I am not advocating against the use of technology. But it is important that we use more of our brain, learn to make use of our creative side.

Today India is the youngest country when it comes to the average age of our population, we need our young minds to be sharp, agile and adaptable more than ever before. We might not be able to change the entire education system that has prevailed over decades, but at least we can put an effort to enable, empower and inspire our younger generation to make better choices when selecting their career or higher education.

We as a nation can only become a superpower when all of our young minds are at their productive best and we can only be at our productive best when we choose a higher education that aligns with our interests and passion and a career where we are happy and eager to improve all the time. That is when we can achieve success.

“Success is not a special skill, it is ultimately our will… Willingness to Explore, Evolve & Enhance

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