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This is for you if you are sick of not meeting goals and allowing work to run your life.

How Counselling can help?

Counseling is a form of talking therapy that allows people to discuss their problems and any difficulties they encounter in life. The relationship between a counselor and you are conducted in a safe and confidential environment.

Counseling is a process where people seek help to change something in their lives or simply explore their thoughts, ideas & feelings in-depth with their counselor.

Depression & Stress

Fight with your professional depression and stress.

Lack of Confidence

Gain confidence to achieve greater results.

Fear of Failure

Overcome all your fear for getting failed before trying.

Stuck with Academics

Find a way out through your schooling career.

Excel at Work

Achieve success by excelling at your job,

Parenting Issues

Help your children to learn and grow in a easy way.

Counselling Practices We Offer

Career Counselling

Career counseling primarily focuses on providing students with clarity the career option to choose, we believe that children should be allowed to choose their own career path and make their own decisions on what to learn.

  • Find the perfect balance of passion, interests which compliments your potential, abilities & strengths.
  • Understand your personality with our assessments tools
  • Get yourself a blueprint for your future

Children Counselling

Children counseling deals with kids between the age group of 5-12 years. With the help of our tools, techniques, and experience we provide you greater insights into your child’s personality. This, in turn, helps you to provide the right kind of upbringing your child deserves.

  • Understand your child’s innate personality
  • Get to know their learning styles & accquring styles (VAK)
  • Get a deeper understanding of how to communicate with your child

Parent Counselling

Being a parent is not easy. But, for many, the decision to work with a counselor or therapist is the best parenting decision they have ever made.

  • Get a better understanding of your parenting style.
  • Bring back harmony & peace in the household.
  • It help parents to understand child behavior & needs.

Adolescents Counselling

Anxiety, Stress management, and productivity
In today’s complex, fast-paced and ever-challenging world, this is one of the most common issues being faced by a lot of people.
  • Understand your personality with our Graphology & Fingerprint based analysis
  • Become self aware and gain confidence
  • Break the barriers that are holding you back

Counselling for Working Professionals

Professionals find it difficult to find the right balance between passion, interests, and work after working for a few years. This leads to a lack of motivation and takes a toll on productivity. We offer services for

  • Career transformation and effective transitioning to a new domain
  • Help you find the right balance between passion, mission, profession & vocation (IKiGAI)
  • Tools and techniques to boost your career

Reviews From Our Customers


I heard about Younnique’s counseling services for children. We took up their personality assessment and counseling solutions for both of my kids. I was amazed at the details which were provided. We understood how our children are different in their learning abilities. We are now able to provide the right kind of attention to our kids with regard to their development. Thank you team Younnique. Great Job.

Binuraj VT
IT Professional

I took up Younnique’s Biometric analysis for my 5-year-old son. I was extremely pleased with the way that Younnique counseled me and provided me with a great deal of insight into how I should be parenting my son. I recommend that all parents should take-up Biometric analysis. Thank you Younnique.

Saritha K
Avatar Girl

I was having difficulties managing my 11-year-old son, I was referred to Younnique’s counseling services. Younnique helped me understand my son’s personality through Biometric analysis and handwriting analysis. Now I am aware of what to expect from my son and how to communicate with him. The situation is getting better. Thank you Younnique.

Self Employed

The Process

Stage One
Your counselor is your trusted confidant, who would provide you with a safe, confidential & non-judgmental environment to discuss your concerns.

During the discovery stage we help you identify yourself first and provide a clarity about your thoughts and feelings.

We also use various tools and methodologies that will help you identify your personality, your abilities, your in-born potential that would help you understand yourself better.

The Discovery stage will involve:
  1. Establishing Rapport (Relationship Building)
  2. Personality Analysis
  3. Assessment & Diagnosis
Stage One
Stage Two
You and your counselor identify the areas that need to be worked upon and formulate counseling goals.

Your Counsellor will ask several analytical questions and guide you through the decision making process and the steps involved in attaining your counseling goals.

The Identifier stage will involve
  1. Formulation of Counselling goals
  2. Identifying problems / stuck areas
  3. Graphology Analysis
  4. Intervention & Problem Solving
  5. Identifying challenges
  6. Execution of strengths.
Stage Two
Stage Three
Your counselor will evaluate your progress and reflect upon the actions or steps identified during the previous stage.

You will further work with your counselor to evaluate any roadblocks or areas that need further assistance to gain clarity on counseling goals.

The Evaluate stage will involve
  1. Reflected Best Self Analysis
  2. Johari Analysis
  3. Evaluation of Feeling wheel
  4. Self-awareness analysis
Stage Three
Stage Four
You will work with your counselor to create a blueprint of your counseling goals and put it into action. Your counselor will now terminate & follow-up to check up on your progress.

Now that you have completed your goals, your counselor will complete the documentation process and provide closure.
Stage Four
Fear of Failure
Gain Confident towards your next step
Group of clever learners listening to explanations of their mentor
Learn from the industry experts
1 on 1 Coaching 2
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