Be more successful at work. Create and cultivate these habits.

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1. Your goals have to specific & definitive. Your subconscious mind only understands when you give clear and precise instructions. Eg. Instead of saying “I will earless” say to yourself “I will have only 2 Roti’s” Fact Check – Studies show that having definitive and specific planning will help your brain detect & seize an opportunity when it arises, increasing your chances of success buy roughly 300% 2. Reflect on your progress on a regular basis Ideally when you set a goal for the day, you need to reflect once mid-day and once by the end of the day. It helps you be accountable for these goals are set by yourself. 3. Don’t set goals that you cannot achieve, be realistic. Plan your time, efforts effectively 4. Hone one skill at a time, learn that one new thing. Multitasking is definitely good, but it takes up a lot of your brainpower and drains you quickly. Single-tasking is effective and increases productivity. Eg: Just like electronic equipment, if you overuse it, chances of failure becomes high. 5. Never say die attitude. Do not give up, persistence is the key, move out of your comfort zone and face the difficulties. Use affirmations – Eg: I can do it. 6. Enhance your will-power muscle. Embrace the challenge, do not fear to lose, it is ok to lose rather than not giving it a try. Pro Tip: Make a plan for what you will do when you feel like giving up. Just give it a little time. For any new habit to be developed or changed it takes 24 – 48 days. So keep it going. 7. Never burn yourself out, Avoid taking on too many challenging tasks at once. 8. Manage emotions, understand the root of the emotion. Remember that emotions are within you and you can control them. Focus on what you will do, not what you can’t or won’t do.

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