About Us

We are Younnique

Younnique – School of Life is a Formative Experience Centre providing sustainable learning experience & personal development tools to handle various situations in life.

Each of our services, workshops and programs are designed to give a completely new & diverse experience to each one of you, leaving a significant impact on your development.

Our Self-Directed Learning (SDL) methodology not just provides tools for life long learning but also empowers you to be

self regulated,
self aware &

to handle the uncertain and challenging world that we all are living-in today.

Our Vision

Build a sustainable & collaborative learning environment that nurtures original thinking & creativity. Helping you to gain life skills through experiential learning. Make learning fun and self directed.

Our Mission

Make every individual self aware of their strengths, abilities, potential & uniqueness. Every student should be able to make their own choice of learning and be self directed learner.

Our Aim

Experimental Learning
Experiential Learning
Self Directed Learning
Self Directed Learning Tools
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Peer Peer Learning
Peer - Peer Learning
Collaborate & Learn
Collaborative Learning
Three Pillars
Counsellor - Coach - Mentor (Three Pillars)
  • No Child should be left behind & every student should succeed.
  • Enthuse each person's inquisitiveness for them to explore & sculpt there "Real Self".
  • Nurture & Preserve 'Original Thinking'.
  • Empower every individual to be 'Self Aware'.

Founders Note

Naganand Kolar

Founder, Younnique

“ Life is just like any other sport, losing and winning is an essential part of it. Each one of us wants to succeed in this game of life.

However the only ones who succeed are the ones who learn from their mistakes & failures, are self aware of their potentials, abilities, strengths & weaknesses. You win some, you lose some.

Focus on enjoying the game, not the result. Play the game of life according to its merits.

It is all about faith, confidence & self belief. “

Naganand Kolar

Founder, Younnique

Our Beliefs

Teaching is nothing like the art of painting, where by the addition of material to a surface, an image is synthetically produced. Teaching is more like the art of the sculpture, where, by the subtraction of material, an image already locked in the stone is enabled to emerge. It is a crucial distinction.

John Taylor Gatto
Explore & Enhance your learning
Concerned worker looking at laptop screen, thinking about problem solution, risks, company success strategies, person reading financial report. Concept of hardworking, concentration, making decision
Evolve from Within Yourself as a person
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Learn the much needed 21st Century Skills

We believe that children should be allowed to choose their own path of learning by exploring their curiosity, interests and passion and choose a career that aligns with their true self.

We believe that the only way to succeed is through collaboration.

Younnique is a community, a collaborative platform that brings together uniquely & highly skilled individuals from varied fields of excellence and areas of work, with a sole purpose and aim to Inspire, Empower & Enable.

Problems we solve

“We have evolved from just being an idea to a company, have explored, identified the areas we need to work on & enhanced our capabilities to address concerns faced by children /students, parents & professionals.”

If we can do it, even you can do it.

  • Employee / Student Competencies
  • Confidence & Self - Esteem
  • Skill Mismatch & Career Mismatch
  • Aggression & Depression
  • Study skills & Study Habits
  • Job Readiness
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Coping with emotions & failures
  • Decision making & Problem Solving
  • Behaviour & Mannerism
  • Social Media & Technology addiction

Core Values

You First







Team Work

Got something to say?

Younnique’s innovative team is always looking for creative brains who are willing to explore new ideas.

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