‘Success’ is not a special skill, it is ultimately your ‘Will’

Willingness to Explore, Evolve & Enhance your Human Intelligence

Our Programs

Our programs help you to ‘Explore’ the possibilities and opportunities that the world has to offer through real world experiences, you ‘Evolve’ as a person by learning various aspects of self-development, and our learning environment provide you with an ecosystem to ‘Enhance’ your strengths, skills, abilities that enables you to ‘Aim for Excellence’. Younnique not just prepares you to face the challenges enroute your journey to success, we stay right behind you through out the journey constantly guiding and mentoring you.

Our idea of Success

Success is not just about the end result, it is not just the joy of achievement. You should also love the process involved to achieve success. The process is never easy. Along with the positive aspects in the journey towards success, you will have struggles, failures, disappointments, anxiety, stress and so on. If you love success, you should also love the process, you should also be prepared for the process.

“When preparation meets opportunity, luck indeed happens”

Our Strong Beliefs

Number 1

Each person is unique and should be allowed to explore and take their own choice of learning which compliments their true nature, abilities, interests & passion.

Number 2

In life, each one of us wants to succeed and win. But the only ones who succeed are the ones who first understand their true potential, their strengths & their abilities and then go on to face the challenges of life.

Number 3

Formative Experience is the most important part of our lives which provides us with the know-how that shapes our brain as well as our behaviors. It is just not positive experiences that matter, even the quality of negative experiences also plays a crucial role in our formative experience.


There are different kinds of human intelligence that exists, some are good with academics, some are good arts, some are good in music and instruments, some are good with body kinesthetics and desperately needs encouragement at an early level of growth.


No person is dumb or unintelligent, each one of us is intelligent in our own way, possess unique abilities and potential that is true to oneself.

Younnique Programs

Explore 1


Explore the possibilities & opportunities that the world has to offer.
'Move out of your Comfort Zone'


Evolve as a person by learning various aspects of self-development to realize your goals.


Enhance your skills, acquire the knowledge required.

Beyond our programs – Younnique Community

Younnique has a 3 dimensional in taking care of our fellow students, we call them 3-Genius (Mentors, Counselors & Coaches).

Our Geniuses constantly work with our fellows during the program not just to help them set their learning and development goals but also guide them through out their journey of life.

Once a person enrolls into any of our programs he becomes a life time member of our “Younnique Community”.

Register to become a Genius

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Students & Individuals have access to mentors who provide them real world insights to their goals and ambitions.
Understand the students & individual needs, work with them to chart out a developmental path which aligns with the true potential and nature of the fellows.
Provide coaching on various aspects of self development & life skills that are very much needed to today’s uncertain world. Helps a person develop into personality.